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Renna is just trying to break up with her vampire boyfriend….

Being a professional barista was not in the plan, not that Renna had a real plan to begin with, but seeing the other side of 25 has her ready to move on. It’s time to grow up and go back to college. Which means letting the party life go, getting out there on her own and leaving her pretty boy vampire boyfriend behind.

But when she tries to let him go easily, he talks her into going on a reality T.V. show to further his acting career. After all, if they’re going to be friends, doing him a solid won’t hurt. Maybe the prize money will help keep down her student loans. 

Until Renna realizes there‘s a lot more to the show than a makeover and prize money. Seems the ex kept a lot to himself, including the fact that he thinks he can win her back. 

An infuriating fae male won’t let her quit. He’s too hot for Renna to keep her cool around. The dead body in her dressing room gives her pause. Oh, and Renna is pretty sure the show runners are trying to kill her. 

Breaking up has never been so hard…

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